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Increased Quality of Life Through Fitness Training

We at Q6FIGHT venture to promote Kickboxing, boxing and MMA skills, along with fitness training and nutritional programming. Q6FIGHT promotes increased quality of life by providing fitness and sports specific education, practice for youth and adults of an amateur or professional standing. 

Q6FIGHT provides positive role models and a positive atmosphere with our knowledgeable coaching and training team. Q6FIGHT is dedicated to providing a safe, effective, and enjoyable environment for all athletes. Q6FIGHT is committed to providing the tools and elite training necessary to produce champions.

Our Mission

Dwight "Q6" Smith

Coach and Trainer for Amateur and Professional Fighters and Athletes


Dwight Smith (AKA "Q6") has more than 20 years of physical fitness experience; martial arts, gymnastics, group exercise/ fitness and sports and athletic conditioning. He has been training, practicing and educating others with the approach that as one teaches, one learns and as one learns, one teaches.


With this approach, Dwight has coached & instructed the general public, the seasoned athlete as well as the advanced and elite professional athlete.

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